Do You want to be a Success Rebel? Step One: Do the Opposite of the Masses, Step two. . .

What is a success rebel?

A success rebel is someone who succeeds despite taking an alternative path in life.

A rapper traveling the world selling merchandise is a success rebel. An online business mogul purchasing ad space to promote affiliate offers is a success rebel. I would even dare say camera whores selling nudes are success rebels.

If you go to college and become an insurance salesman, you are not a success rebel. If you go to medical school and become a doctor, you are not a success rebel. If you get a gender studies degree and work at JC Pennies, you are definitely not a success rebel.

People are fascinated with crime. However, are we more fascinated with the crime or the lifestyle that goes with criminal activity? Hanging out on the block with your friends cracking jokes while selling crack sounds a lot more fun than sitting under fluorescent lights with people you begrudgingly call colleagues. I’m sure most would love to be the crack seller without selling the crack.

Thanks the internet, people know what is going on beyond their home town at all times. People make money selling rap beats. People make money selling nude pictures. People make money sharing their thoughts on a blog.

Have you ever wanted a new lifestyle?

Have you ever wanted to live an alternative lifestyle and get paid for it?

How to become a success rebel by Victor Pride

Grab a coin and get ready to flip it before you watch the video.

Really. Go ahead and grab a coin and put in on your thumb and have it ready to flip. Watch the video.

Then you will know. Your gut does not lie to you. If I had one piece of advice for my younger self it would be to always listen to your gut.

You know deep down when a relationship is over, but your mind rationalizes why everything is fine. You know deep down when its time to take a big risk, but your mind tells you to play it safe. Our minds can be programmed, but our gut remains true, especially if given the best of food.

I watched this video many moons ago and it lit a fire inside to pursue my dreams. I’m nowhere near where I want to be, but that is the curse of the high achiever.

How does one become a success rebel? Simple. For one, rebels do not follow the rules. Of course, you must follow the laws, but do not follow the rules. Rules are for rulers to rule you and make a fool of you. Never follow the rules.

Giving rules to rebel is a fools errand. Rebels go against the grain. How can I give you a recipe to go against the grain? I cannot.

But what I can do is give you one heuristic: always do the opposite of the masses.

Step two: Go all in. Not going all in cost me millions. I would not have to work a day in my life if I listened to my gut. Losing out on making millions of dollars teaches a harsh lesson. If this ever happens to you, you will want to kill yourself for years until you can channel your anger into creation.

Plan B is for people who don’t know how to pull out. It’s for dummies. I wondered why all these clowns love Planned Parenthood so much and I found the answer: it is because they are so dumb that they cannot even pull out.

What does this have to do with success? Well, if you can’t even handle pulling out how do you think you are going to succeed in an alternative way than the college, job, marriage paradigm? You aren’t, dummy.

Learn to go all in, and then pull out when you are done. Learn to stick to your goals like taking care of kids after you didn’t pull out. Life is very easy but people make it hard.

I’m going to be honest: most cannot become success rebels. The roads need road men and the hospitals need nurses. We should treat these people with respect because without them we could end up dead in a ditch after dangerous driving on crappy roads.

The roads are crappy to begin with in the USA, but that is because the government does not know success. The road men are okay but they are not lead well. If you want to succeed, do not work for the government. Instead, find a way to bill them for services rendered (hint: overcharge them).

If your dream is to be a doctor I cannot stop you. In fact, I love you. I love the fact people want to heal other people, despite the system that leads us to hurt them. I love people too, but in a different way.

In fact, its rebellious to love and be in love with what you do. They want you to be a porno addict when you are 8 years old and they want you to be harassing 8th grade girls for nudes on snap chat. They want you to be dumb cattle filth begging to be enslaved. They want you to be in a fuck.

I want you to be free out of the fuck. Be your own system to beat the system. I don’t listen to what they say I only keep tabs so I can talk to the people who need to hear the lessons. I drink but not enough to drown. Learn to balance.

If this does not make any sense, then maybe you are meant to work a job. Nothing wrong with this: I have uncommon financial advice for you too. Not all are meant to be rebels. If all were rebels, how could you be a rebel? Its not the truth.

Wake up. Numbers rule this reality and we are in a simulation. I can prove this very quickly to you but I’d rather keep my word and my freedom. I very much like living my life.

I love being a success rebel. The more I rebel, the more I succeed. This could be you too.

Remember what you thought of when you tossed the coin and bring it back into your heart space. You know it can happen but you need to let go of all that holds you back. How can you receive if you cannot let go? This is the lesson you must repeat:

How can you receive if you cannot let go?

Now think of this: how can you be a success rebel if you hold onto the lessons they give you about success?

Think this over on your pillow, and wake up fresh with a vision. You know what to do.

Much love, family.

The Call of Redemption

Have you heard it?

It’s a cry heard around the world, but not all hear it. Most are fine with the 9-5 grind and 24/7 entertainment machine. Those that hear the call are sick of it all and want a way out.

We want freedom. We want a way to live life on our own terms.

Where does one find freedom on 8-8-2019 and beyond?

Your path to freedom will unfold as it is meant to be. Most who hear the Call of Redemption, do not heed it. They are stuck in a bog of bills with debt piled up like hills.

If this is you, just know there is a way out of this rut.

Most people are stuck because their finances are not in order.

If you want basic advice that says save 10% of your income and invest it into a balanced portfolio, this is not the website for you.

This website is for rebels who yearn for success and freedom to create a life of abundance. Maybe you are starting from the ground, and maybe you are on the way up already. Either way, heed the call of redemption and you will be saved.

My mission is to help each and every single reader of this website obtain financial freedom through uncommon means. All in the world is interwoven, and we will explore mental blocks that ensnare those heeding the call. I want to free you from the deepest traumas and mental poisons so you can attain self actualization and find your destiny.

Every single strand of my DNA wants you to thrive. Every ounce of my being wants you to have a fat stack of “f— you money” so the parasites of this world have no power to stifle your soul.

Beginning today, we free ourselves to pursue our purpose in this realm. With the right information, the rigged financial game has NO POWER over us on 8-8-19 and beyond. From now on, WE are in control.

Will YOU heed the Call of Redemption with me?

Walk with me.